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Peterson CedarWorks
Handcrafted Outdoor Cedar Furniture

A couple of years ago I was contemplating how most things we own are throw-away. I wanted to do something that people would be proud to display and enjoy and would last many, many years. I decided to try my hand at crafting outdoor furniture. I take pride in every piece of furniture that leaves my shop. Every piece is hand sanded to my specifications and finished according to the customers wants.

Our furniture is made from 5/4 Western Red Cedar. It is light, the resin is poisonous to insects and the species features an extremely high thermal factor. Western Red Cedar has 80% of the tensile strength of Oak and is pound-for-pound stronger than steel!

The parts are held firmly in place using 1 3/4" stainless steel fasteners and weatherproof polyurethane adhesive to keep the chair rigid even when put through -40 to 120 degree temperature.

Adirondack Chairs with General Finishes
Milk Paint
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It is not uncommon for a properly finished Adirondack chair to last 100 years, there are many in existence to prove it. Naturally, these furniture pieces often become family heirlooms and are handed down generations after generation becoming sought after prizes for collectors.

Whenever you invest in one of our pieces, rest assured that you are getting the finest craftsmanship available. The fact is reflected in our warranty, which is very simple.

Our Pledge: If for any reason your Adirondack Furniture
does not live up to your expectations, let us know, and we will make it right.

Set of Director's Chairs and Matching Table

The perfect chair for you and your children
The Regular and Junior Adirondack Chairs
Compliment any patio with this Garden
Planter Box
Make your outdoor space comfortable with
a set of Chairs, Side Table and footrest



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Peterson CedarWorks

The Adirondack Chair is synonymous with outdoor leisure and enjoyment ...
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